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26 JULY 2017

(Source: three A R & D instructions)

The so-called social innovation is the process of human exploration of new ideas, new technologies, new systems, new models, systems, intensive and effective solution to social problems, create social values and promote social progress. The purpose of social innovation is noncommercial, but its approach may be commercial. 

Social innovation and business innovation have different goals and drivers. The primary purpose of business innovation is to maximize the capital and wealth, the objective results may not always be conducive to human health, is conducive to social justice and sustainable development. The primary purpose of social innovation is to solve a particular social problem, to create social well-being, its essence is to return to people-oriented, to achieve the maximum social value. 

Social innovation is a process of promoting the society more fair, more efficient and more sustainable development process, is the enterprise, society and government departments of the three departments of cross-border cooperation process. In this process, the real interests of all stakeholders or long-term interests should not be compromised.

(Source: Chairman of the external speech PPT 20160409)

Social innovation is a process of discovering and solving social problems and promoting social progress, and is the unity of goals, methods and actions. Goal: Maximize social value, achieve more equitable, more efficient and sustainable development 

Discover unresolved social problems and unmet social needs - new needs 

Find resources that are underutilized - new resources

Through the optimal allocation of resources to create a huge benefit - the new model

Action: to meet the social stakeholders win-win situation, bring change




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