Chairperson's Address

Mrs WANG Ping

May 2016

Dear partners, peers and colleagues

Nearly a decade ago, YouChange Foundation was born with the vision for social innovation. Its mission is to promote social progress through social innovation and is determined to become an important force for China’s social fairness, harmony and sustainable development. Over the past decade, YouChange has devoted itself to being a social pioneer taking the initiative to search and explore the path for China’s social innovation.

In the first decade, YouChange submerged itself in practical works. Finally, in 2016, YouChange officially initiated and launched China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI). CASVI is one of the new seeds planted by YouChange and it begun to germinate then grow at an enormous rate. YouChange’s hard work is like the seeds in spring, sprouted under the nurture of YouChange then growing rapidly across China.

Over the past decade, all of YouChange’s projects have made significant progress with the support of internal and external colleagues and partners. YouChange has diligently created a new eco-system on its established platforms for socially innovative organizations to grow and bear fruit to benefit society in the future.  

In the sense of building social innovation ecology, the creation of CASVI represents a fresh and new force to wake up and call upon the conscience of the market and lead the investment and capitals to drive China’s social innovation and society to progress. 

Under the trend of social governance innovation, the establishment of CASVI represents new thinking, choice and action by YouChange. We want to:

Advocate a consensus: abandon the doctrine argument; focus on social issues; stop progressives and conservatives dispute; return to social value. and use social value to lead and guide the development of models and business values.  

Establish a set of standards: abandon the old development concept on using economic indicators to measure everything; develop a social value assessment standard (SVAS) for businesses and organizations; continue to develop a social value assessment online platform to achieve online functions of data collection, comparative analysis and issue assessment reports; the assessment outline and result could be customizable, comparable and traceable.    

Create an eco-system: for political, industrial, academic, research, media and social sectors to form a cross-sectoral cooperation in social innovation ecology.

CASVI has recruited a group of professionals with both social and market experience to prepare and carry out establishment in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen simultaneously. CASVI hosted its launching ceremony at the China Philanthropy Fair on the 24th of September 2016.

Please allow me on behalf of the YouChange Foundation to announce to everyone the debut of CASVI! I hope everyone will pay attention, support and together help CASVI reflect its values and become the new force to drive social governance innovation and create social value well-being for everyone. 

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