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The Kitty Hawk Program is a youth development and training program initiated by the Foundation, which aims to discover and support young people with world chic, submerging China's rural areas, with a year to carry out public practice, and thus beyond the self, cognitive society, Power and influence of both leaders of talent. 

As of the end of 2016, Kitty Hawk program applicants to reach more than 3,000 people, covering Cambridge, Hong Kong Chinese, Peking University, National People's Congress, Zhejiang University, Wu, Tongji, more than 60 colleges and universities at home and abroad more than 50 professional.

2011 - 2010, Kitty Hawk plans to develop training students 116; currently in the world more than ten cities and regions, engaged in the industry, including the Internet, rural construction, community building and traditional culture; which in the social field of nearly 30%; Own business up to 10%; 

2011 - 2016, Kitty Hawk plans to work with more than 40 rural community public service agencies to establish a cooperative place, the practice place is located in more than 20 provinces in 13 provinces, volunteer service for the poor areas of more than 12 hours, initiated and implemented public welfare Project more than 100, involving "rural livelihood development, rural education sustainable, national cultural protection and heritage" three areas; 

Kitty Hawk plan and more than 10 key colleges and universities, more than 50 young organizations and youth groups to maintain regular interaction, the annual online and offline propaganda will be dozens of games, directly covering more than 6,000 young people, small eagle plan WeChat high-quality fans over 4000 people.

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